Expected Results

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Expected Short Term Results

During the implementation of the CLEANSED project, the following objectives will be achieved:
1)Decontamination of 836 m3 of dredged river sediments, which will be turned from a valueless waste into a usable and marketable raw material
2)Smart management of contaminated sediments: instead of being treated at an average price of €75/m3, the sediments will be treated at €35/m3 and turned into a clean raw material with a market value between €10 and €20/m3. This will mean a 66% to 80% net saving for sediment decontamination and the generation of m3 value for what used to be just waste.
3)Demonstration of decontaminated river sediments as substrate for the cultivation of 72 ornamental plants of 3 different species with different saline stress tolerance
4)Demonstration of decontaminated river sediments as a structural material for the construction of a 100m long road under real working conditions
5)Use of 836 m3 of decontaminated sediments instead of aggregate from third-party catchments, with subsequent conservation of quarry and river environments
6)Sustainable restoration of agricultural soil used for plant nursing.

Expected Long Term Results

The diffusion of the CLEANSED methodology at a European level will lead to the following achievements:
1)Possibility to turn 130 million m3/year of sediments into a marketable raw material or–if marketing is not advantageous–an easily disposable one
2)Possibility to cut the avg EU yearly expense for treatment and disposal of inland sediments by 76% or even 100%.
3)Prevention of 35 million m3/year of materials from being mined/extracted from quarries or catchments
4)Sustainable conservation of EU agricultural soil up to 5.2 million m3/year
5)Up to 600.000 km of EU roads constructed using sustainable technologies and materials
6)Sustainable management of EU river basins
7)Implementation of integrated systems within national and transnational river basins

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