Actions and means involved

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The implementation of CLEANSED will involve the following main actions: dredging, analysis andcharacterization of contaminated sediments; sediment treatment; demonstration of the use ofdecontaminated sediments as a substrate for plant nursing; demonstration of the use of decontaminated sediments in road construction; technical and economic impact assessment, drafting of guidelines for the use of decontaminated sediments. Monitoring actions have also been included in the work plan to ensure the accomplishment of project objectives. The initiative and its results will be widely disseminated in the involved countries and in the EU through a structured, thorough and consistent communication campaign. Thanks to its long scientific and project management experience, ISECNR will coordinate the CLEANSED consortium, take care of sediment characterization and treatment and take part in the setup of the demonstration fields. NAVICELLI will provide the dredged sediments as well as the facilities for their storage and treatment. UNIFI will contribute with its expertise in the fields of pedology and agricultural systems to screen the toxicity of transformed sediments and evaluate the economic benefits of CLEANSED. UNIPI, thanks to its experience in engineering, will contribute mainly to the implementation of the road construction demonstration field. IBIMET, as an expert in rural development and land use, will provide the expertise and the facilities for the demonstration and evaluation of CLEANSED in plant nursing. CEBAS-CSIC, which specializes in soil conservation, will perform chemical, physical, microbiological analyses on the sediments, and characterize the soil/sediment mixtures. All the project partners have extensive proven experience in the field, as well as the technical and managerial skills required to carry out the project activities to a full success. The permanent staff dedicated to CLEANSED by ISECNR, UNIFI, UNIPI, IBIMET and CEBAS-CSIC will be specifically seconded to the project.

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